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Magnetic Magic 

The pHountain of Youth

Natural Alternatives to Pain Managment


What is it?

We are offering a way for our customers to get rid of their pain naturally and also a way for them to stay healthy without having to rely on pharmacutical drugs or surgery. Magnetic therapy has been proven time and time again as a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine. There are no side effects to wearing magnets, unlike the medications we have come accustomed to taking.  

The magnetic jewelry we offer is very powerful with a neodynium clasp measuring between 9,500 - 20,000 gauss and each individual magnetite stone measuring between 200 - 1,500 gauss; these will be some of the strongest magnetic jewelry you will find. Most products you will come across will range between 100 - 2,500 gauss, but this will only increase the time it will take for relief and will not get through deep soft tissue to better effect your blood vessels.  Not only do we know that our products work from first-hand experience, but also from the overwheliming amount of verbal and written testimonials that come from our customers. 


History of Magnetic Therapy

The medical benefits of magnets were being used even in the days of ancient Greece, when Hypocrites reportedly used the magnetic rock lodestone (Magnetite) to treat sterility.

Much like acupuncture, magnetic therapy dates back thousands of years, but its use was much more widespread. Its oldest origin traces back 100,000 years to Africa, and historic texts describe its practice in ancient Greece, China, India and Egypt.


It is documented that Cleopatra slept on a lodestone to keep her skin youthful and beautiful.    Chinese healers as early as 200 B.Cwere said to use magnetic lodestones on the body to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of qi, or energy.

In the 1600's, Sir William Gilbert was the first scholar to attempt to explain  magnetism and how it differed from the attractive force of static electricity. Gilbert allegedly used magnets to relieve the arthritic pains of Queen Elizabeth I. 


In the 1960s, NASA understood the vital importance of magnetic fields for human and animal life. To this day, artificial magnetic fields are used to help maintain astronauts' health while on space missions. They help preserve bone mineral density, healthier blood circulation, and improve sleep quality.


Today, magnetic therapy is widely accepted around the world, including Germany, France, Britain, India, Japan, Italy, Israel and about 45 other countries. Most of these government health systems officially recognize magnetic therapy as a viable and cost-effective treatment option for pain relief and healing after certain conditions or surgery. The National Health Services of Britain is the most recent to begin allowing doctors to prescribe magnets.



How Does It Work?

Ion Channels

Biomedical research shows that the body is not only based on chemical reactions, but also by electro-magnetic interactions. Most chemicals inside our bodies are electro-chemical ions. These have either positive or negative charges, and create electro-magnetic fields.

The balance, movement and interaction of these ions is what signals and regulates different biological processes. These ion channels control many physical and behavioral functions, like blood flow and sleep. These ions are influenced by magnetism the same way they are effected by perscription drugs.

Pain Relief & Nerve Signals

The electrical signals produced by nerves are the most well-known example of how the body uses electro-chemical ions. Nerves   maintain a careful balance of positive ions (sodium, potassium) and negative ions (chloride, calcium), together keeping a slightly negative charge. When triggered, the balance of ions shifts, and the nerve's charge becomes more positive. This sends a pain signal to the brain.

Applying a strong magnet can reduce and block pain signals. It affects the movement of ions, and helps to bring us back to our normal balance. Electrical stimulation has also been proven to block pain signals in the same way. Unlike medications that induce chemical changes, magnetic therapy does not produce side effects.


Blood Circulation

Ion channels also control the contractions of smooth muscle tissue. These are muscles that function independently, like the heart. The walls of capillary blood vessels (the smallest blood vessels in our body) are made of smooth muscle, and will tighten or relax to adjust blood flow. Magnetic therapy has been proven to affect blood microcirculation inside your capillaries, by affecting smooth muscle ion channels. Applying strong magnetic fields makes it easier for capillaries to increase or decrease blood flow, depending on what response the body requires.