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This Sacred Sedona Intention Wand is created with a natural Brazilian amethyst quartz crystal.   The manzanita wood was harvested on the back roads near Sedona, Arizona.   The amethyst crystal is most associated with the crown chakra and our divinity.  When Ross creates his wands, his signature touch is embedding the end with his hand ground black tourmaline, which he applies with the intention of repelling negativity.  The wand is put into service to assist in bringing in more light and love into the world.  The wand has a leather accent near the amethyst crystal point tied together with pure copper wire.


We get this question most often at our shows:  What is the purpose of a crystal wand?  This is what we tell our customers:  Wands have several uses from being used as a focal point in meditation, a sacred addition to your magical alter, a handcrafted keepsake from Sedona, or any other purpose that the magical practitioner sees fit, including sending healing energies out into the world through prayer and meditation.



Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand

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