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How do the magnets help our bodies?


First, let me introduce ourselves we are Ross and Teresa and, we started this business in 2009. We wanted to help our family and friends with their pain and inflammation, through the use of magnetic therapy.  We soon realized that everyone that began using our magnets seemed to feel substantially better...that was when we decided to take this thing seriously and make a business out of helping people.  Throughout the coming years, we found that if we used the highest quality magnets and targeting specific areas of the body with the magnets, we can help reduce pain levels in the body,  Even though our business is called Magnetic Magic, there is no magic involved, it is very scientific.  When you use magnetics on the body in specific ways there is benefit.  Magnetism increases the electrical conductivity of the blood.  A weak current runs through the blood and the quantities of ions are naturally increased through the use of magnets.  The blood contains ferrous (iron) hemoglobin which increases the cellular regeneration through improved blood circulation.  We use the strongest magnets available and with them, we create stylish therapeutic jewelry.  We believe that targeting specific areas is where the best results can be found.   We have spot magnets for areas where jewelry is not a practical option, such as backs or knees.  We encourage you to email us or text us if you have a specific concern or suggestion for where to use our magnets.  We are so grateful to be able to help people live a less painful life.

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