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Our Story...  We are Ross and Teresa, the creators of 
Magnetic Magic, 
2 Bleeding Hearts Tie Dye and Sacred 
Sedona Intention Wands.


A little bit about what our philosophy is, we believe if you start with the highest quality materials you will always have a superior product, cutting costs by using cheaper materials is not our gig.  We love what we do, we love connecting with our customers and we love helping make the world a better place by helping our customers with their pain levels using our high grade magnets.  We have been helping people with our magnetic jewelry since 2009.  Over that time frame we have learned so much about how magnets work, where to use for specific situations and what works and what does not.  Magnetic therapy is our passion.

Ross, for his own personal enjoyment loves making his hand created wands.  He calls it the creation of his heart and soul.  It definitely shows in his work.

Teresa, is a tie dyer and loves sharing her bohemian styles and the freedom of expression in her clothing.  All of our clothing is designed for beauty, movement and comfort.  All of our materials are made from natural fibers and the dyes we use are fiber reactive dyes.  

Blessings from our hearts to yours...R&T

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